Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Help me!

Hi, assalamualaikum.

Lamanya tak update blog! Already bulan February 2017 dah wak. Sorry semua, sebab I've been so busy with my schedule. Please pray for me and my friends may Allah ease our journeys. Amin. This year I've been participated in volunteering program. I really want to describe about this program in this entry but I don't have so much time for now. 

We are now lacking of funds. Do pray for us so that we could face all of ths obstacles with ease. InshaaAllah if I have enough time, I'll update about how you can help us by donating some of your money or things for our volunteering program to Kemboja and Vietnam. InshaaAllah. Anything you want to know more, do contact me through email or any social websites that I've stated in above tab. Sorry for any grammatical errors in this entry. 

From now on, I should polish my English language to be better as I'm going to use it in my future work. I'm not really good in English but I'll try hard to improve it from time to time and not only in typing/writing but also in speaking. Toodles people! If I made any mistakes, leave your comment so that I can improve myself. Thanks lots! :)

Thank you for reading!